Product Owner advanced certification course specially designed to accelerate learning beyond basic concepts.

Certification endorsed by Scrum Alliance. Designed to boost your career in Agile Product Management beyond basic concept. Facilitated by Martin Alaimo. He is the only Spanish-speaking agile professional that has received the four most prestigious agile industry certifications.

Take the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) and position yourself at the forefront of the industry.
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Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)

Let’s picture for a second the following scenario

Right in front of you lies the opportunity of a lifetime to create a product that can blow your users’ minds off. However, the outlook does not look too promising.

Your stakeholders have opposing interests, so you will undoubtedly have to facilitate challenging meetings to help stakeholders make the best decisions without pulling each other's hair out/throwing things at each other.

On the other hand, you have the developers. They talk about technical debt and an infinite amount of engineering techniques that guarantee a robust product. However, they talk so technically that it sounds like a foreign language to you.

At the same time, your most important responsibility is none of those mentioned above; instead, your primary focus should be the end-user. You are the one that represents the customer/client/user. You must put their interests above all else and make sure that the outcome of all the work to be done indeed solves end-users’ most profound issues.

On the way, you will have to identify typical cognitive biases, conduct consumer research, almost to the point of being able to read your customers’ minds, develop hypotheses, and put into practice different techniques to validate them.

And the journey does not end there. If everything goes as expected, you are likely to lead a product at scale, where multiple teams work simultaneously. Which will require an advanced degree of knowledge about organizational structures and coordination of multiple agile teams.

Not even the best Product Owners can do this instinctively. They need to learn how to manage stakeholders, interact with developers, facilitate meetings, empathize with users, use design thinking approaches, develop and validate hypotheses, and lead large-scale product development.

These new skills are waiting for you in the Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) program.

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Upon completion

You will identify the competencies and beliefs necessary to make it as a Product Owner, going beyond the basics and entering the world of strategy and outcome metrics.
You will know how to deal with Stakeholders. You will be able to negotiate, facilitate meetings, and help them make the best decisions and thus, stop simply 'doing what they ask you to'.
You will be aware of the fundamental technical aspects of product development so that you can understand and talk with developers/ engineers so it no longer seems that they speak a different language ​​and you can reach better buy-in faster.
You will know how to handle yourself in environments where agility is applied at scale. You will be capable of managing products built by multiple teams working simultaneously.
You will be able to differentiate tactics from product strategy. You will understand how to define the purpose of a product and steer it with a strategy to achieve it.
You will identify the differences with plans and roadmaps and how to communicate them to the Stakeholders. You will also know how to differentiate strategic communication, objectives, and tactics, from product features.
You will learn about Customer Research. You will know what it means and practice different approaches that bring teams and clients closer together.
You will put Product Discovery techniques into practice, which will allow you to quickly separate good ideas from bad ones. Thus, increasing the probability that your products not only solve your customers' or users' most important problems but also create products that will blow their minds.
You will be able to identify the different cognitive biases in the world of Agile Product Management and you will have the tools to mitigate them.
You will know how to elaborate and validate hypotheses about the functionalities of the products and the uses that your clients or users make of them.
You will be able to differentiate output from outcome and be able to create products that are really worth it.
You are going to learn advanced management techniques of the Product Backlog so that prioritizing and refining it becomes a really powerful practice.

What advantage will I have by taking this course with Martin Alaimo?

Hello, my name is Martín. I have been advising companies and training professionals in cutting-edge methods in agility and digital products for more than 15 years. I have the highest certifications in the industry; I wrote five books that became best-sellers, I trained more than 6000 professionals in 20 countries and BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH. Although all this is true, enough of this vain nonsense!

The advantage of choosing me is that any of the courses you take with me will make a substantial difference in your life. Not only am I going to teach you about the topic you are looking for, but I am going to present it to you in the simplest (and most challenging at the same time) way that you have ever seen. With me, the phrase 'as they never told you' is valid because I constantly train myself in the art of adult education and because I will always speak to you from experience and not from theory.

Trust me; I wouldn't be doing this if I couldn't blow your mind with my courses. I am not interested in being a trainer or accumulating certifications if I cannot make my students hallucinate with what they learn. But you don't need to believe what I'm saying; just pay attention to every one of my former students' comments before making your decision. Take your time, and I'll be waiting for you. :)

Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO) Advanced Certified Scrum Product Owner (A-CSPO)


When registering you will get:

A complete step-by-step learning plan that will show you how to build your Advanced Scrum Product Owner profile, competence by competence.

Exclusive access to an online campus so that you can follow and complete the activities on your own time and from anywhere.

Lifetime access to course materials, joint session recordings, webinars, and videos so you can continue to use them for future reference.

The most recognized Advanced Scrum Product Owner certification from companies in the industry.

32 miles that you can later exchange for discounts on several of our courses.

And you'll be at the forefront

You'll go far beyond the techniques that have become a commodity. You will learn in a pragmatic and straigh-forward way the modern techniques and approaches that state-of-the-art professionals use to experiment, push their limits, transform and differentiate themselves. Take into account that advances in digital product development make any method older than three years practically a commodity for the industry.

You will also take advantage of our constant investment in infrastructure and tools to provide you with a learning experience to extract the maximum from my training. Because free solutions, like Google Slides, Docs, etc., offer limited capacity for learning needs like yours, which moves this profession forward.



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In our first meeting, we will analyze the Product Owner profile as it relates to the competencies of Agile Product Management. I will focus on the relationship with stakeholders and how to manage their interests. I will teach you techniques that will help you facilitate meetings so that you can help stakeholders negotiate opposing interests and make better decisions.


In our second meeting, we will learn how to interact with Developers. I will show the different practical techniques that you must know and how to manage product development on scale where you encounter multiple teams.


We all agree that you cannot start designing a product or service without first understanding what your users really want, right? Therefore, in our fourth meeting, we are going to delve into customer research practices so that you can design a product that your customers love.


Steve Jobs once said 'Some people say: Give customers what they want. However, this is not my approach. My job is to find out what customers are going to want before they know it... People do not know what they want until you show it to them.' During our fifth meeting, I will introduce you to Product Discovery techniques that will help you identify the appropriate product to develop.


You need to doubt your assumptions and view your proposals as hypotheses, especially in the development of new products. This discipline is plagued with cognitive biases and if you are not aware of them, they can play very dirty tricks on you. You are not leading projects but rather, experiments and in this meeting, I will teach you how to do those validations.


One of the biggest challenges when switching from product management to agile product management is to shift the focus from delivering features to delivering value. But, what does value mean? How can you measure it? Why is this approach change so critical? All of this will be covered in our sixth meeting.


Creating and evolving a product requires an immense effort for everyone involved. All that effort without a North and motivation ends up stressing everyone. Establishing a purpose (or a vision) should be the starting point of any product initiative but it is overlooked often. In this meeting, I will teach you how to establish a purpose and develop a strategic map that stems from that vision.


At the end of the course, we will see different techniques for organizing/ordering/prioritizing, and refining the Product Backlog. This will be the 'cherry on top' and your last step towards certification.


A 2-month online certification program that will turn you into an Advanced Product Owner

8 weeks of learning

4hs weekly meetings

Workload: aprox. 48 hours (6 hours per week, including weekly meetings)

There are no scheduled courses

There are no scheduled courses

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What are the prerequisites?

It is necessary that you have basic knowledge of Scrum when entering the program.

ATTENTION: In order to be certified as A-CSPO at the end of the program, it is necessary that 1) have an active Scrum Alliance CSPO certification and 2) that you have at least one year of experience working as a Product Owner in the last five years.

Who grants the certification?

Certification is awarded by the Scrum Alliance.
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What if I can't participate in one of the classes?

We record the live classes, so you can watch them later in case of not being able to participate. Anyway, to achieve the certification, you must meet 75% attendance at online classes.

How long is the program?

Two months (8 modules of one week each).

What happens if I don't complete the program within 2 months of starting the program?

You will need to re-enroll and start a new program from scratch.

What are the payment methods for the courses?

You can pay them online with a credit card or Bank Transfer.

How do I register and pay?

You advance from the 'Register' button. You can pay the course online right away. If you are interested in paying by bank transfer or deposit, reach us after registering at

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My courses are meant to shoot this twofold goal: maximize creation and have a good time. I'm also aware there are so many things to do and learn daily that it's easy to run out of time. That is why I carefully design my programs to prioritize what matters most and turn it into practice quickly.

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